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Buying a house is a huge investment. There are times when you break your savings, take a loan from bank or sell your other investments for your new house. Thus buying an apartment is a costly affair and therefore one should be very careful while buying a house.

Below mentioned is the immediate to-do list before buying an apartment.

  1. Check the Drains and Plumbing:

This is one other most important part while buying a house. Nobody wants leaking ceilings and broken pipes at home. Check if all sewage pipes are well attached and clear. Only if you are convinced with the piping and drainage system close the deal. In case you spot any flow ask the builder to get it fixed.  Ajnara Ambrosia Noida, provides an opportunity for close inspection of all the apartments.

  1. Open all the electrical panels:

Checking of electrical panels cannot be avoided. A labeled and clean panel is a happy panel. If you happen to see loose wires then there is a problem. Ensure you get all the wires fixed. Also check for live wires inside the walls. Don’t have multiple connections in the house. Always ensure electrical sockets are sealed well along with cables for all the wires on the wall.

  1. Check for Security system:

This is essential in today’s world. Check if all the doors have appropriate locks, windows have grills and there are no spaces between the wall of your house and the building. Main door should have number locks or more secured locks. Never compromise on security of the house.  Ajnara Le Garden, also provides for additional security systems if demanded.

  1. Quality of material:

While buying a house check for the quality of material used in construction. This can be checked with the builder itself. Ajnara ambrosia  noida always shares the house plans at the time of buying the plot. They are transparent in sharing all the details required. If it a complete furnished house check for the quality of the products installed.

To avoid any future damages it is important to check for all these hygiene factors. As the replacement cost of all these factors is quiet high, check them with help of an engineer or an architect.