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Introducing the most glorious projects of Mahagun group till date – Mahagun Mantra 2 Villaments, incorporates the beauty and architectural marvel of a fresh concept that is hardly seen in India. Villaments will share the structural properties of luxurious villas and individual apartments. They are designed combining the futuristic architectural designs and space management that gives maximum value for your money spent on acquiring the property.

The building structural design has been approved by global standards authority as earthquake resistant, a feature that is absent in most of the existing towering residential complexes. The design of the mahagun mantra villaments will consist of a living room, dining room, and master bed room, guest bed room, and family room, store rooms close to kitchen, toilets, and balconies with a splendid view of the cityscape.

The interior design of the villaments has been inspired from some of the high end five star hotels and international premium residences located around the world. Use of intelligent lighting, appropriate spacing and use of natural lighting enhances the overall ambiance of the room. Not to mention that even the kitchen has been designed futuristically using the best in class fabricating panels, powder coated aluminum glazing and modular kitchen settings.

The spacious family room will incorporate plastic paint on POP punning of vibrant colors that add to the luxurious feel and look of the house. The master bedroom will have laminated wooden flooring with doors that are glazed with UPVC or equivalent graded material. The living rooms will also feature hard wood doors and vitrified tiles that add to the richness of the house.