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Social and financial benefits are the key motivators among people who decide to buy a home of their own as against rent one. Owning a home allows people to increase their wealth at a slow and consistent pace over a period of time. It allows you to hold assets which build equity and bring a sense of stability in your life.

Here are a few benefits of owning a home of your own –

  • Significant Savings

Long-term home ownership in reliable projects such as Antriksh Gold NH -24 ensures significant savings. Take into consideration the kind of rent you would be paying in a property with similar Antriksh Gold specifications and compare it with the EMIs you would pay in lieu of a home loan for the exact same apartment. By the end of the day not only will you own a property of your own but also reaping the benefits of appreciated real estate rates.

  • Budgeting

Unless you have a rent control agreement with your tenant, each lease renewal will involve a significant jump in price. On the other hand, your outgoings towards a home loan is exactly the same today as it will be 7 or 10 years down the line.

  • Improved Security

When you purchase a home, it is all yours. You have the freedom to paint, decorate and improve it in any way you like. Furthermore, you will be able to move into an apartment society such as that of Antriksh Gold, where most other residents are too homeowners. This means you have more time to build long term relationships and friendships that guarantee social security for your future. Studies suggest that if you plan on staying in the same property for more than 5 years that buying it gets you the better end of the deal. This takes into consideration everything from annual expenses, to the cost of selling and even broker fees.

During these 5 years, you have enough time to recuperate from the extra expenses while you continue making a secure investment towards the future of your family and yourself. Once your mortgage is paid off, you have a real asset at hand that offers a real chance for stability. By partnering with the right broker, builder and lawyer, you will be able to find for yourself and your family a secure abode that you can all home.