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Ajnara sports city villas completion would have two stages, first completion of structure work and second finishing of the completed structure. We have discussed completion of structure work in last post. Let’s have an insight of finishing of the completed structure.

As structure of the building reach up to fourth floor, engineers start the brick work. This process of brick work move towards upper floors as structure moves towards completion. It takes three months to complete brick work on all floors. After completing brick work the work on inside and outside walls plaster starts. Plaster work would be completed within two months of brick work completion. This whole process is directly linked with providing painters base for starting paint and tiling work of building.

Internal fittings and fixtures like wardrobes, modular cabinets, fall ceiling, door fittings take three months and along with it engineers would install sanitary wares in washrooms. Electric fitting like geyser, fans, tube lights, air conditioners, switches, electric plugs and chimney and hob would be done in 15 to days. Rest work like painting the inside and outside walls would further take two to three months. Paint work would be done very carefully and would be having many coats. These all parts would complete the finishing of ajnara sports city villas.

In conclusion we can say that after completion the structure work of ajnara sports city villas in initial two years, finishing work would take next one and half years. So ajnara group would give possession of ajnara sports city villas in three and half years.