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It is a presumption that the best luxurious apartments are very much costly and is unaffordable by the common middle income group person. There are few real estate companies that have eased down the problem, by making the new amendment in the plan of distribution of the apartments. The different income group that gets the facility to access the luxurious apartments is the HIG, the MIG and also the HIG II. The large corporate in the field of real estate these days distributes the apartments by these way to make the world class features enjoyed by all. The Antariksh gold is providing this facility also to give a chance to the person of different income group to get a chance to stay at the most luxurious apartments and thus giving them a big chance to feel proud about their habitat.

What makes an apartment luxurious?

The MIG people has got a big chance at the Antriksh Gold Ghaziabad, and has also going to give a second big chance for them at the next coming project also. The next project has a beautiful floor plan also to make the apartment spacey enough for the person or the family living there. Play grounds for the children, a big swimming pool with then Jacuzzi attached with it makes the entire outcast of the apartment and its surrounding a luxurious sense. The green belt within the complex or the residential hub makes the apartment a better place to live at. However the parking space and the open space in the complex turns the complex a place which makes the people living there proud to share their habitat name and location. The Antariksh Gold provides a perfect place to live in for different class of people and also allows the users to share their habitat name and that also with pride.

Communication facility, an index of luxury in real asset

The location of the apartment is also an index for declaring an asset as a luxurious real asset. The location of the apartment makes the asset a luxurious one among the person living in and the concept generates among them that they are living at the best place in the world with the best communication facility. The Antariksh Gold at Ghaziabad was by the side of the NH 24 and they are continuing with the project by the road side of the national highway this time also, in their new project. So, the big real estate companies thus has thus started supporting the people of different income group to share a luxurious complex likely and lively to make the life full of luxury, comfort and energy.

The Greenery in the apartment

The green belt in the apartment and in  the surroundings of an apartment makes the place a nice place for the residents to live in and that is also an agent for the better health and pollution free living for the residents also, and that also is thus an additional index of luxury in case of the real estates.