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While an increasing number of construction projects promise the world in the form of high end amenities that can impress anyone. However, what they often forget is to provide for a variety of basic facilities that make day to day living rather convenient.

Fortunately, with the existence of apartment complexes such as Exotica Northvile, Noida not only are you able to enjoy world class amenities in the form of a fully functioning sports city and an in-house shopping area, but you are also able to make sure that your basic needs are taken care of.

Here are a few things you should be looking for when hunting for a new home –

  • Parking Space

With most middle class households now owning an average of 2 cars, parking space is always a necessity. Make sure that the complex you are moving into offers ample space for all your cars. It is ideal if you are provided assigned parking since it saves significant time at the end of a hard working day.

  • Fully Functional Service Lifts

In addition to lifts for residents and guests, there should be a service lift that is able to handle heavy loads of furniture, construction material and other such items. The availability of these lifts proves to be a boon for other residents since you needn’t be held up when large goods are being transported.

Exotica Northville and other such projects take utmost care of providing a variety of basic amenities in the best way possible. The Exotica Northville Sector 79 project assures consistent access to all other utilities such as water, electricity and even an in-house intercom system for constant contact.