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Everyone loves to be in a house, from where the school of the kids is just a walking distance or the teens can go to the school within ten to twenty minutes. The Ajnara Belvedere short distance of the office or the hospitals is another adjacent facility which attracts the dwellers very much. The quick communication to the railway stations or the easy access to the airport or the bus terminus is another thing that the city dwellers look for, every time they search for a new home. This are the location facilities that everyone looks for, but they understand as time goes that  this facilities makes the position of the house a chaos prone area and also an unsafe area due to the fact that everyday many unknown faces are seen on the roadside. So they start searching for some places which are free from such chaos and safety hazards, yet full of all the communication facilities.

Chaos Free communication

The Ajnara Belvedere apartments are big, luxurious with bigger carpet area coverage and are located ideally at such a place, which serves the need of the dwellers exactly as they wishes for. The location of the Ajnara Belvedere is at the outer skirt of the city of the Ajnara Sports city of Noida and is a fine place free from all hazards and chaos as the area is a new city. The Ajnara residential location is having the best communication process, as they are having the railway station, airport and the bus depot at the close ends. It is also having the schools and the colleges nearby as they are made within the city.