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The worst things about the old cities are that the dwellers are often the victim of the bad water supply and the uneven load shedding. The people living there want a relief out of those menaces as they try to get rid of their sleepless nights at those cities. The water supply there is so irregular that sometimes people have to come down to the streets to get water from the road side water lines. The waters available there are neither hygienic, nor are good for drinking. Thus the city dwellers have to pay huge amount for the water taxes and then also pay for the drinking waters. Still then the unhygienic water supply and the sanitary system cause great diseases every year. The Ajnara Belvedere is the best solution for that as they are providing the best facilities for the purpose.

Power Management

After coming from the office with a great workout, the body needs some fresh air outside and some cool air at the house. After coming back to the house, if one finds that there is a power shed and he or she is not going to get that cool air, but will have to face the warmth and have to sweat again, then the mind gets charged up with anger and the entire evening is lost. The Ajnara is having the best facility for the dwellers with the substation attached for the Ajnara sports city and is also having the power rooms in the villas with support of Digital generators for meeting the power shortage.